Monthly Archives: August 2007

iCache All-in-one Credit Card

I ran across this cool little gizmo on CNN today. Basically what it does it is combines all the cards you have in your wallet into one little device. It handles credit cards, debit bank cards, loyalty cards. It looks like it will work with anything that has a magnetic strip on it. You load… Read more »

Casual Gameplay Design Competition

I really like these little game developer competitions. They usually have some nice results that are not only fun to play, but outside the realm of your typical games. recently had a competition where entries were judged on repeat plays. They wanted games that kept you coming back for more. The winners have been… Read more »

12V Battery Hack

I ran across this helpful battery hack today. It just so happens that I needed one of these little button cell batteries to bring a travel alarm clock back to life. I think I’ll probably go the cheap route and break open a (cheaper) 12V battery instead of paying double that for just one of… Read more »