Monthly Archives: November 2006

Elfster Secret Santa

Well, now that the holiday season is officially upon us (post-Thanksgiving makes it official), I found some helpful sites for all those secret Santa gift exchanges out there. and both take the pain out of organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange. You set up an exchange, and then list all the participants. It… Read more »

Turkey Day Gadget

I wanted to find some special Thanksgiving gadgets for today, but couldn’t come up with much in the quick Google search that I tried. I did find something pretty interesting, though I don’t know if it would be categorized as a gadget. It’s called Season Shot, and it’s basically shotgun shot made out of spices,… Read more »

Bud Smack

I ran across a cool site the other day called Bud Smack (it’s sponsored by Budwiser). Anyway, the site lets you upload a photo and make it say whatever you want (in a robotic computerized voice). Then you can send it off via email. It’s kind of like a digital marionette.

The Stunt Man

Need to relieve some stress? Maybe throwing a stunt man around an abandoned alley would help. I don’t really know what this site it for (other than a few minutes of fun). When you run out of time, it links you to a site that has an ActionCity billboard on it… and really not that… Read more »

Guess The Logo

I like to keep my eyes open for different logos, whether that be on the web or driving around in the real world. This fun little game test how well you remember common logos from several prominent web companies. I got a 68.92%. See how well you fare a logo identification. (hint: Amazon is smiling… Read more »

Fresh Logic Atlas

There’s just something about data being displayed geographically on a map that’s cool to me. Maybe that’s why I like playing with my GPS and geocaching so much. I ran across a neat integration of maps (MSN Live Local) and community data last night. It’s created by a company called Fresh Logic Studios. In their… Read more »

Congress In 30 Seconds

Who’s tired of the political ads on TV? I know I sure am! Who would have thought I’d ever want the good ole ads for toothpaste and beer back… ads that are actually selling something rather than badmouthing a political opponent. With less than a week to go before the midterm election there has been… Read more »