Monthly Archives: June 2006

Google Checkout

On Thursday, Google released their long-rumored Checkout service. This new service allows shoppers with a Google Checkout account to pay for merchandise at a long list of retailers. This isn’t quite the PayPal killer (at least at this time) that it was rumored to be. It’s more of a shopping cart system that can be… Read more »

101 Free Games

Not 99, not 100, but 101 FREE Games on the internet. These are the cruddy flash games you see everywhere (there have got to be WAY more than 101 of those). Computer Gaming World has put together a pretty extensive list of actual decent games to download free from the net. So, if you were… Read more »

Twinkie Cookbook

For the 50th anniversary of the Twinkie last year, Hostess released a cookbook full of recipes using Twinkies. It includes some weird stuff like a Twinkie Burrito and Twinkie Lasagna (some of the recipes are available here). I think Perfetti Van Melle (the brilliant company behind Mentos) need to get their act together and make… Read more »

New Picasa (with Web Albums)

Last week Google came out with a new service called Picasa Web Albums. It is the online photo album for Picasa users that has been rumored to be coming out for some time now. It is still in “Test,” which is odd since everything else google puts out there is in “beta,” so there are… Read more »

iPods More Popular Than Beer

I think the title of this one says it all. A survey was done of undergraduate college students and 73% responded that iPods were more “in” than beer. It is the second time that beer has been unseated as #1 in the annual survey. The last time beer lost was in 1997 when it lost… Read more »

Another Special Date/Time

This year has brought another special date and time. It is now 6:06:06 on 6/6/06 Happy 6-6-6-6-6-6 day!

Awesome Mentos Fountain

101 two-liter bottles of Diet Coke + 523 Mentos = one awesome choreographed fountain display that I would say rivals the Bellagio (only because the Bellagio doesn’t use Mentos). I totally need to build a Mentos fountain! Hmmm, what else could be done with Mentos and Diet Coke sprays?


I just got my beta account for Farecast yesterday and was able to take it for a spin. Farecast is a different type of travel site than your typical dime-a-dozen Expedias and Travelocities. Those sites search the airlines for the lowest price right now. What Fareast does is try to predict how the airline fares… Read more »