Monthly Archives: May 2006

Computer Part Mona Lisa

Is that a half-smile? Nope, it’s just some sticks of of RAM and a PCI card. The Computer part Mona Lisa is titled: Technology Smiling, and is on display at a tech exhibit in Beijing.


Taking the customization of Wikipedia and the mapping ability of Google Maps, the new Wikimapia lets anyone anywhere put location specific information on a map of the world. Similar to just about any wiki, information can be tagged and edited by anyone visiting the site. To add something to the wikimap, just zoom to the… Read more »

Mosaic Zoom

Mosaic zoom mosaic zoom mosaic zoom getty image mosaic zoom mosaic zoom…

Flickr Gamma?

Flickr is finally out of beta (which they’ve been in since their launch in Feb ’04) and now in gamma! With their gamma release, they’ve added some nice new features to the site. There are now nice drop-down on many of the menu items and site elements. A nice new search has been added to… Read more »

Apple MacBook

Today Apple quietly released the MacBook, their new version of the iBook with an Intel chip inside. This is the fourth in their computer line to switch to the Intel chips, leaving only one machine left still using their older PowerPC processors. The new Macbooks include the Intel Core Duo chips running 1.83 – 2.0… Read more »

Google Trends

Google Trends was released today along with a few other new tools. Trends is a bit like Google Fight that I blogged about last year except the data is probably a little more detailed and accurate since it’s coming straight from the source. You can type in several terms and Google will show you a… Read more »


Ever wondered what a map of your neighborhood looked like in ASCII text? Well, wonder no more – ASCII Maps is now available to provide an ASCII text version of Google Maps. It isn’t very useful at all since you can’t really tell what you’re looking at. But for you die-hard text-lovin’ ASCII art fans,… Read more »

New Mac Ads

Apple released a new set of ads recently that are pretty funny. Good ole Justin Long (Warren Cheswick from Ed) and John Hodgman (I think that’s who it is) make a pretty funny pair.