Apple MacBook

MacBookToday Apple quietly released the MacBook, their new version of the iBook with an Intel chip inside. This is the fourth in their computer line to switch to the Intel chips, leaving only one machine left still using their older PowerPC processors.

The new Macbooks include the Intel Core Duo chips running 1.83 – 2.0 GHz with prices from $1099-1499. They’ve added the built-in iSight camera similar to the new MacBook Pro’s and the iMacs. One other nice touch is a black version at the high end of the line-up that looks pretty slick. All the machines (in their default configurations) are still a bit short on RAM with only 512 included, but shorting you on RAM seems to be pretty standard for Apple.

By and large, this looks like a pretty nice laptop, especially with the availability of BootCamp letting your run both OS X and Windows on it.

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