Monthly Archives: March 2006

cFree Wireless Officially Launches

It was a bit of a chilly day to be sitting outside surfing the internet on a laptop Tuesday, but that was the day of the official launch to the cFree Wireless Network. cFree has been a project I’ve been working with for a little under two years now. The initial idea for the project… Read more »

Real American Hero…

GI Joe is there! Goooooooooo Joe! Hasbro has taken all of the old GI Joe cartoons and put them online. They’ve also added Beast Wars, Transformers and quite a few others. Take a trip down cartoon memory lane! Well, now you know… and knowing is half the battle


On March first a great little website called Newsvine opened their doors to the public. I was fortunate enough to get a beta invite to the site and have been playing with it for quite a while now. It has quickly become my news outlet of choice on the web. Now you’re probably asking yourselves,… Read more »

ONTV & Democracy Video Players

Over the past few months I’ve run across a few of these video player/aggregator applications. A couple of the better ones I’ve found have been ONTV and Democracy. Both these players are more than just video players. They both present themselves as internet television and provide a nice directory of videos all viewable right inside… Read more »

Sketch Swap

Make a drawing… get a drawing. This quaint little site will give you a blank canvas to leave your mark. You’ll then receive a drawing from someone else doing the same. If making a drawing isn’t you thing, give file swap a try (from the same folks as sketch swap). It’s works the same way,… Read more »

Drive a Racecar Through New York

The new Windows Live Local Virtual Earth will let you take a spin through the streets of New York City (and any other city they cover) in a racecar, sports car, or on foot. This is kind of a novel way of showing the street-level photos they’ve had up for a while now as part… Read more »