Newsvine LogoOn March first a great little website called Newsvine opened their doors to the public. I was fortunate enough to get a beta invite to the site and have been playing with it for quite a while now. It has quickly become my news outlet of choice on the web. Now you’re probably asking yourselves, “why the heck do we need yet another news site when there are already a-million-and-one already out there?!?” That was exactly my thought when I first heard of the site too. Well, I’ve come to learn that Newsvine is a little more than just a news indexing site. The best way to put it would probably be to say that Newsvine is like the lovechild of Google News, Digg, and Wikinews (that is, if multiple websites could produce offspring). I’ve had access to Newsvine for a little over a month now and have slowly been using Google news less and less.

So what’s so great about Newsvine? It’s more than just a site that throws up the newest stories and breaks them into categories. It does do that though. Newsvine provides stories from The Associated Press and ESPN. I think one of my favorite parts of Newsvine is the social aspects that are tied into the standard news stories. What that means is that any visitor to the site can bump stories that interest them to the top. So the most popular (more important?) news show up on top.

Not only does Newsvine list stories from the AP and other professional sources, but it also lets visitors point to other stories on the internet. So if you find a piece of interesting news on Jo Scmho’s blog, you can write up a blurb about the blog post and add a link all within Newsvine system, so it’s categorized and fits in with the rest of the news. They’ve even got a handy bookmark that’ll do everything for your automatically.

Newsvine also lets you write stories. With a free account, you can set up your own news column and write the news to your heart’s content. Your articles will be promoted through the site and you can earn money from them. That’s right, you can earn money from writing news stories on Newsvine. They share the ad revenue with you! You get 90% of the ad revenue from the stories that you write.

Newsvine has become my news site of choice. In an internet full of news index sites Newsvine has a nice collection of bells and whistles that make it stand above all the others.

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