Monthly Archives: December 2005


Have you ever wanted to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich but didn’t want to get out the ole frying pan. Well, your troubles are over. I ran across this exciting new product called Toastbags via popgadget. These little babies make it easy to fry up a yummy grilled cheese sandwich (or any grilled sandwich… Read more »

New Size Mentos Rolls

While waiting to see King Kong the other night, I ran across a new size roll of Mentos at the dollar store. They’re not the tiny mini-rolls, and they’re not as long as the regular size rolls either. It’s a special medium-sized roll for when you’re not in the mood for an entire large roll… Read more »

More Old School Computer Games

Along the same lines as my last post about Sim City Classic Online, here is an entire virtual Apple IIgs computer that runs through your web browser (again, unfortunately only Internet Explorer). This one has some great old games for the IIgs. And yes, it even includes Oregon Trail.

Sim City Classic Online

I can remember playing Sim City on an old Mac Classic in black and white! That’s back when you had to wind up computers before turnign them on! Well, guess what… The Original Sim City is now available (in all its glory) to play on the web. Maxis has made the game available again for… Read more »

Christmas Story Parodies

Another Christmas movie in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies… A Christmas Story with bunnies And what if A Christmas Story was a horror movie? It might look a little like this.

MS Adds “Bird’s Eye View” to Virtual Earth

Microsoft launched a new feature called “Bird’s Eye View” to their Virtual Earth mapping service. From what I can tell, it provides aerial shots of just a few spots around the country. I have to assume that they’ll be adding more, since the current list of bird’s eye locations is pretty small. This isn’t to… Read more »

Creative Uses for Old Altoids Tins

Altoids has announced the winners of their “Tin Million Uses” contest which challenged people to come up with innovative uses for old Altoids tins. They selected six winners: Electronic Musical Instrument MP3 Player Case Cookie Baking Tin Speaker/Headphone Switcher Pinhole Camera Morse Code Generator These are all pretty cool I’d also like to see the… Read more »