Monthly Archives: November 2005

Firefox 1.5 Released

Late yesterday the Mozilla Corporation released version 1.5 of the Firefox Browser just a little over a year after Firefox 1.0 was released. There are a number of notable new features (from the release notes): Automated update to streamline product upgrades. Notification of an update is more prominent, and updates to Firefox may now be… Read more »

Geek Gift Guides

I guess I’m a day late for the newly coined “Cyber Monday,” but I’ve put together a collection of geek holiday gift guides, for that hard to buy for person on your list this year. Wired Magazine: Ultimate Geek Gift Guide Make Magazine Gift Guide Cnet Holiday Gift Guide 2005 Ars Technica 2005 Holiday Shopping… Read more »

Online Secret Santa Take 2

I’m trying again this year with the Online Secret Santa. Last year’s effort didn’t turn out that great. I didn’t receive a gift and the one I sent turned out to be a non-deliverable address. Oh well! I wasn’t out anything, but I didn’t get a gift either. The way it works is you sign… Read more »

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, or “Black Friday” usually provides some pretty good deals. Here are a few sites to give you a jump on what the stores will be discounting this year.

Best Ads On TV

I ran across a site a little while back that reminded me a lot of the old Adcritic site which used to host free ads from all over TV. Well, their bandwidth costs were too high or something so they had to shut down and retool and came back with a pay version of the… Read more »

Warner Bros. Jumping Into Internet Delivered TV

It looks like the big three (ABC, CBS, NBC) aren’t the only networks jumping on the internet delivered TV bandwagon. Warner Brothers has announced that they too will deliver video content via the internet for free (yes free!). They’ll be doing things a bit differently though by airing classic (old?) TV shows for free download… Read more »

NBC and CBS to Offer TV on Demand

CBS and NBC announced separate ventures into the realm of on-demand TV delivery. So now, all three of the major networks (after ABC’s iTunes Music Store venture) have stuck their toes in to test the waters of a new delivery mechanism. The floodgates are far far from opening though at this point. Of the three,… Read more »

New Yahoo Maps Beta

You probably could have guessed that this was on its way based on how Yahoo has been closly following behind Google on just about every new release. In addition, given the fact that Microsoft also has a similar tool makes this release even less surprising. Yahoo has released a click-and-drag version of their mapping tool… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: Wrap-up Negatives & Positives

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents The only negative I can think of: Once setup, the system is very FF (Fiancé friendly); one simple remote controls everything and it’s very intuitive. However, setting it all up is a totally different story. That’s a lot of different… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: Home Automation (the best for last)

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents OK, the best for last right? This is the part that gets the biggest WOW factor from guests. The HTPC controls every single light inside and outside the house, along with several other appliances. To do this I use a… Read more »