Warner Bros. Jumping Into Internet Delivered TV

Growing PainsIt looks like the big three (ABC, CBS, NBC) aren’t the only networks jumping on the internet delivered TV bandwagon. Warner Brothers has announced that they too will deliver video content via the internet for free (yes free!). They’ll be doing things a bit differently though by airing classic (old?) TV shows for free download with commercials.

The shows include blasts from the past such as Growing Pains, F Troop, Babylon V and Welcome Back, Kotter. They will be shown free, on demand, with four 15-second commercials per episode on AOL.com in the USA.

You’ll need to use a special AOL video player that streams the show so you’re still limited to what you can do with it. You won’t be able to move the video anywhere (TV, portable player), but at least you’re not paying $1.99 for it. I’ll be interested to see how this special video player works. I’m guessing I won’t be able to skip over the 4 15-second comercials per episode. At least the content they’re delivering is a little more fresh. I mean fresh in the sense that it’s much more stale. The shows they’re delivering have been off the air for so long that it’s content that most peopel have either never seen or it’s been so long since they’ve seen it that it seems brand new. It’s not something that you can set your Tivo to record for you.

This looks to be another tiny step in the right direction, but this whole internet delivery thing still has a ways to go before it’s going to beat the control that I have with something recorded on my DVR or downloaded from one of the more shady areas of the ‘net… and my guess is they’ll probably never get there.

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