Monthly Archives: July 2005

Channel 101

Channel 101 refers to themselves as, “the unavoidable future of entertainment.” The concept is simple. Folks submit pilots for TV shows about anything they want (some are quite interesting). The submissions are reviewed by the Channel 101 team and are either flushed, or moved to live audience battle. Channel 101 has a monthly live screening… Read more »

Windows Longhorn Now Windows Vista

The next version of Microsoft Windows (previously named Longhorn) has now been officially titled Windows Vista. Whatever happened to naming software releases by number? It seems like a few years back marketing departments got a hold of software versioning and started using buzz words to describe the next version of software upgrades instead of the… Read more »

Google Maps/Earth Hacks and Fun

With the launch of Google Earth, and the Google Maps API, it was only a matter of time before the hacks started to filter out. Google Maps Mania is a blog that is constantly coming up with cool links to hacks and fun stuff you can do with Google Maps. There are some really creative… Read more »

Now Easier to Geotag Flickr Images

I talked about Flickr Geoblogging and GreaseMonkey in earlier posts. Well, some smart folks have combined the two to make it easier to geotag your Flickr photos. Now by simply installing a couple GreaseMonkey scripts you can easily find the longitude and latitude points needed to submit your photos to the Geobloggers database. There is… Read more »

Windows Noises Song

Check out this movie (flash) of an incredible concert played entirely with Windows SNDREC32.exe and the default windows sounds.