Monthly Archives: May 2005

Point and Click Games

LazyLaces has put together a great collection of Point and click games. You know the ones, where you have to um… point and click. I’m sure you’ve all seen the games where you really don’t have any instruction and just have to point and click (yes, again) until you find all the secret hidden areas… Read more »

Half Life 2 Dominos Mod

Somebody has built a Half Life 2 map of a huge domino setup. Using the Half Life physics engine, this domino course is built out of doors and pieces of metal from the game. The falling dominos travel all over the map until they finally smash an old guy at the end. Appropriate for a… Read more »

Find Cheap Gas With Google Maps

Someone else has gone and done something really cool using Google Maps. There is now a cheap gas site where you can click and drag yourself all over the United States and see the locations and prices for the cheapest gas (regular or diesel). This site takes its price and location data from an already… Read more »

Star Wars Last Supper

Since tonight will be my last supper before going to see the new Star Wars Movie I thought this image was appropriate (yet still a little disturbing). I’m taking off work tomorrow to see Episode III (yes I know, I’m a geek!). We’ll be catching an afternoon show at the closest THX certified theater in… Read more »


Recently I’ve seen a bunch of articles on the Firefox extension, Greasemonkey (Slashdot, Wired, misc. blogs) lately and thought I’d join in with my own praise of this really neat tool. I’ve been using GreaseMonkey for a while now, and it is kind of one of those tiny novelty things that just makes life a… Read more »

200th Mobile Photo

As of last Sunday night there are now 200 photos in my Mobile Phone Pics gallery. It all started on October 20th, 2003 at 3:52 PM with a shot of my computer monitors at work taken with my first camera phone . Before you go exploring, be forewarned, it’s really random!

Flickr Geoblogging

Some folks at have put together a really cool integration of Google Maps and Flickr. If you provide some specific tagging information including latitude and longitude you can have your Flickr photos show up in a custom Google Map. Here is an example from Chicago. This takes Flickr’s Mappr that I blogged about a… Read more »

Earbud Replacement Foams

I was kicking myself last week because I lost one of the foams on my earbuds. So one ear was comfortable and one was uncomfortable while I listened to music. After a little digging, I found some forum posts in an iPod forum listing several places to get replacements. This afternoon I ran out to… Read more »