Monthly Archives: April 2005

2005 Webby Award Nominations

Do you have a computer in front of you with a connection to the ‘net, and some time to kill? Check out this year’s Webby Award Nominations, and vote for your favorites in a large collection of categories. Connections Entertainment Features Living Marketplace Media Services Society There are some pretty cool sites out there to… Read more »

Good Eats

Since I dropped cable a little while back, I’ve been enjoying my new IP-TV, and especially all of the additional channels that I now get. Taking a look at my new viewing habits, out of all those channels, I really didn’t realize how much I missed the Food Network. Back when I lived in Coralville,… Read more »

New Spring/Summer Theme

Winter has been over for a while now, and yet the winter theme stayed put. I’ve finally found some time to create a spring/summer theme for Techory (and remove the winter theme!) You can change the theme (like always) by clicking on the colored swatches in the upper right hand corner of the page (the… Read more »

Adobe Buys Macromedia

Adobe announced today that they will buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion! I’m very torn about this purchase. I really like Macromedia as a company and the applications that they produce. I also like Adobe’s applications. I just don’t know if I want them coming together. They both have their own areas of expertise and if… Read more »

Google Local… Mobile

Yes, I know two Google posts in a row is a little much… but what can I say, I love Google, and they keep adding new stuff! Do you use Google from your mobile phone or from your wifi enabled PDA? I know I sure do! Well, now they offer their “Google Local” in a… Read more »

Google Adds Satellite Imagery to Maps

Google has taken their already-cool maps/directions tool and added yet another great improvement. They’ve integrated their Keyhole technology to bring satellite images to the maps. So now instead of looking at cartoony maps, you can view locations or directions with actual satellite images. To view the satellite images, simply enter your address or location into… Read more »


Want to destroy your favorite (or least favorite) website with a natural disaster? Meteors Nuke Flood Mars attacks Dinosaurs Fried eggs Spilled coffee Slow burn Worms Mold These are all options for your destruction!

cFree Wireless Network

For about eight months now, I have been spending a chunk of my free time working with a great group of people on a side project to bring free wireless access (cFree Wireless) to key public areas in what started as the Iowa City area, but has expanded recently to include the entire corridor (Iowa… Read more »