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Furoshiki Diagram

Furoshiki Diagram

I was doing some shopping a few weeks ago at a local artists store and found an interesting item called a Japanese Furoshiki. It’s a colored cloth used to wrap presents in Japan (with no paper waste). There are a number of ways you an use it to wrap different shaped objects. The diagram to the right is actually straight from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, and shows all the different uses of a Furoshiki. After a major Christmas wrapping session over the weekend, I started thinking about different ways to wrap presents. I actually like to wrap presents, and try to make the gift presentation look nice. I ran across a few videos this morning of another Japanese method of wrapping – apparently wrapping presents is more of an art in Japan.

This video shows a way of wrapping by setting the gift diagonally on the paper and kind of turning it while folding in the rest of the paper.

Well, you all know what happens when you get sucked into a YouTube rat hole, you end up spending more time than you planned watching videos on wrapping presents. This next video shows different ways to wrap using mathematics based on the size and shape of the item you’re wrapping.

I’ve almost completed my holiday gift wrapping this year, but might give one or two of these methods a try with those last-minute gifts that always seem to pop up. Happy wrapping!

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