MOO Flickr MiniCards

Moo LogoMoo! isn’t just what a cow says, it’s a nice little printing solution hooked into Flickr. For a limited time, they had an offer for Flickr pro members to receive 10 free MiniCards, which I quickly jumped on. Well, my MiniCards showed up yesterday and they’re kinda neat. They’re about the size of a stick of gum and are pretty decent photo quality. The small size meant I had to crop down the photos, but on some of them the skinny cropping gave it a nice effect. I was also able to put several lines of text on the back (I added my site URL) along with my flickr icon (a roll of Mentos).

The process of sending photos to Moo is pretty straight-forward. They’ve got a great interface similar to the Flickr Organizr to just drag and drop photo choices to Moo. You can then crop them and add text to the back before handing over your credit card numbers to make the final payment, which is normally $19.99 for 100 cards. I really like how they turned out and would love to have 100 cards to do whatever I want with, I just don’t know if I’ve got enough unique photos in Flickr to make 100 cards. So if you’ve got twenty bucks sitting around and a full Flickr account, give Moo a try.


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