LEGO Built an Actual (drivable) Car!

I’ve been eyeing the LEGO Millennium Falcon since it was announced last year. That’s their $800, 7541-piece set. I’ve even entered into an agreement with my nephew to go in on the purchase of said LEGO set… he has yet to contribute any funding. I told him we could just dip into his college fund, but he parents didn’t think that would be a good idea. Anyway, maybe we’ll save up enough for it some day.

Today LEGO topped that kit. They built an actual car. Not a tiny little LEGO car to play with, but a real, life size, drivable Bugatti Chiron made out of LEGO Technic parts. It doesn’t look like it goes quite as fast as the real thing, but is a pretty impressive task.

I guess we need to start saving up for this kit now.

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