Getting Nolstalgic Over the Danger Sidekick

Chris DeSalvo recently posted a great article, The future that everyone forgot: Some of the work we did at Danger. The article covers the history of Danger, the company that created the Sidekick. It might seem a bit odd to get nostalgic about a phone that I didn’t own, but that period he writes about was the start of the smartphone revolution. I have always owned a smartphone. I came into the cell phone game a little late in 2003 with a Handspring (before they came back to Palm) Treo 300. At that time, I was very much plugged into the smartphone world. I did a ton of research before making the jump to that little Treo, and can remember looking closely at the Danger Hiptop (which later became the Sidekick). In fact, I can recall reading a magazine article about the new Danger devices in a Barnes and Noble store (I know… a paper magazine in a bricks and mortar bookstore – times have sure changed!). At that same time, I also remember doing a lot of looking at the Kyocera 6035 and the Kyocera 7135 before finally settling on the Treo 300.

The article above brought back a lot of memories of a time when having an always connected device in your pocket was a new thing. Most of the features he writes about had never been done before, or even thought of at the time and are almost an afterthought today. It’s probably harder to find a dumb-phone today than it is to find a smartphone. It was a nice trip down memory lane.

My Smartphone History

My Smartphone History

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