Exploiting Chaos — How to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

Sunday, March 14, 2010 9:30am
Jeremy GutscheTrendHunter.com

One of North America’s hottest keynote speakers, the founder of TrendHunter.com, reveals powerful strategies for thriving in any economic climate. DID YOU KNOW THAT Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Hyatt, MTV, CNN, Microsoft, Burger King, and GE all started during periods of economic recession? Periods of uncertainty fuel tremendous opportunity, but the deck gets reshuffled and the rules of the game get changed. As Guy Kawasaki notes, "EXPLOITING CHAOS is a quintessential roadmap for all those who seek opportunity during times of change."

Popular is NOT Cool!
What do you find when you look for cool?

Microtrends and viral inspiration surrounds us. Chaos makes inspiration distracting.
How do we make sense of the noise?

What’s more important, culture or strategy
Culture eats strategy for breakfast. No matter how good your strategy is, the culture of your company is the most important to make the strategy happen.

Smith Corona (the best typewriter in the world!)
Their website: "On the 8th day, God created Smith Corona." They have a 100 year history of innovation. 1989 they had $500 million (they could just buy out someone if they needed a computer). They got into a relationship with Acer (killed the deal 1 yr leater). Smith Corona went Bankrupt in 1995. Acer still living today. The point: Situational framing dictates.

Specifically what are you trying to do?

Crisis = Opportunity
In crisis people are more careful in what they buy. Fortune Magazine was started in the great depression. When people lost their jobs, Fortune showed what is happening behind the boardroom doors, and people were interested in this.

Forced Failure
Successful organizations innovate to "optomize" position on their "hill," but to find bigger "hills," one must fail. When you’re good, everything else seems like a failure by comparison.

Win like you’re used to it, lose like you enjoy it.

Customer Obsession
Who litters on the side of the road? Young Males who drive pickup trucks. The crying native American didn’t convince them. The new slogan: Don’t Mess with Texas!" This is how to keep the message connected today. When making a cultural connection you induce change. 72% decrease in littering. You need to observe customers… in their zone. Interact with them.

BP Oil and Gas Observations

  • Teenage boys ‘group shot’ at gas stations.
  • They get excited about energy drinks
  • Rockstar Fuel!
  • Find a way to be simply irrisistable to a certain group of people.

There is no point of innovating if you think you already know the answer. Try to disprove what you think you know and find different patterns.

Infectious Marketing

  • 3 ways to cultivate infection
  • Viral Creations
    The half-suit – When you create something today that connects, your story will travel faster than ever before. You can look at what is becoming viral, and package what you’re selling into something similar. Focus in on what you do in 7 words or less.
    Story obsession:
    1. Simple – supercharge word of mouth
    2. Direct – why should I choose you?
    3. Supercharged – the i have to tell someone test
  • Viral Mediums
  • Well packaged story

JP Morgan’s Lesson:
Wake up every day and do 2 things – list of things you actually need to do, and actually do them.

Viral trends + methodical innovation, generate ideas harness creativity ultimately exploit chaos

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