Monthly Archives: May 2008

Netflix Set-Top Box

Earlier this week Netflix announced a new piece of hardware, the Netflix Player by Roku. This tiny little box allows you to plug in your TV along with an internet connection (wired or wireless) to get access to all of the Watch Now movies on Netflix. Taking a look at the specs of this piece… Read more »

Blu-ray and HD-DVD for the Entertainment PC

Another component of the Entertainment PC has been upgraded to HD. Now that a winner has been chosen in the next-generation HD disc war, I figured it was time to make a purchase (even though it didn’t really matter with the choice I made). I bought the LG Super Multi Blue Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD-ROM… Read more »

Mentos KissCam

There seems to be a lot of Mentos news today! I just ran across a site called Mentos KissCam (I’m guessing from Europe) where you can (if you have a webcam) kiss a guy or gal after popping a Mentos Pure Fresh (a flavor not available in the US). Turn on your web cam and… Read more »

Japanese Plum Mentos

I just received a new shipment of Mentos from Japan. Mentos Ambassador Roth comes through again with a new flavor to add to the collection. The flavor is “Ume,” which they tell me means “Japanese Plum.” The Mentos themselves are a very light orange color (unfortunately not the purple/green mix color on the package). They… Read more »