Monthly Archives: April 2008

Mentos + Diet Coke World Record Broken

Breaking Mentos News: A world record was broken recently by 1360 Belgium students all creating a Diet Coke and Mentos fountain at the same time. The previous record was set in Cape Girardeau, with 973 fountains last October. Video from BBC News

Screwy Netflix Recommendations

I just upgraded to a Blu-ray player (another post is coming) so I went in and switched my Netflix account to send me BD movies instead of DVD movies. In doing so, I’ve been digging around my account more and am really not impressed by the recommendations they provide.  I’ve had an account for about… Read more »

Computer Pants

I think these are easily the geekiest pants I’ve ever seen. They’ve got a keyboard on the front, a mouse on the back, and speakers on the knees. How many double-entendres can you think of for these?

Nintendo in a Nintendo Cartridge

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any smaller, this guy (blog in French) mods an entire old school Nintendo Entertainment System to fit into a Super Mario Brothers Cartridge. Sweet!

Flickr Plugin for Picasa

Picasa opened up their button API a few weeks back paving the way for Picasa2Flickr to work once again. I first started using this handy little app while back. Then, after a random Picasa update, it stopped working. After waiting anxiously for several months, Picasa2Flickr is one again functional! The new version does require you… Read more »

I (used to) Like Digsby

With one single application, you can consolidate IM, e-mail, and social networking. That one app, is Digsby. In the past, I have used Pidgin on Windows, and Adium on the Mac for all my instant messaging needs. I’ve been happy with how they handle all the protocols I use (or rather all my buddies use)… Read more »

Super Mario Brothers in 14kb Javascript

This is nothing short of impressive. Nihilogic has written a partial level of the original Super Mario Brothers game in 14kb of code entirely with javascript! This is the technology that makes your websites work being used to write a game that was pretty cutting edge when it was released. Give it a try!