Monthly Archives: September 2007

Amazon MP3

Today Amazon raised the stakes in the realm of online music sales with the beta release of Amazon MP3. I know there are a ton of places to buy online music out there with iTunes leading the pack. The thing that could make this one different though is the lack of DRM. Amazon’s store will… Read more »

Mentos ATM

There have been a lot of changes lately with my move to the desert. One of those changes included getting a new bank, and turned out very nicely. We chose our new bank for several of their account features. One of those features just happened to be custom ATM cards. Once I saw that option,… Read more »

Advanced Photo Resizing

This video has been making the rounds the past couple weeks. It is a demonstration of dynamic image resizing. Normally when resizing an image, you will get artifacts with making it either larger or smaller. This demo shows a method of making an image resizable by stretching the unimportant parts of an image and keeping… Read more »