Effective Social Media Presence in Higher Ed

Friday, March 9 – 3:30PM – 4:30PM
Deborah Maue Asst VP DePaul UniversityLiz Gross Dir of University Mktg & Comm University of Wisconsin-Waukesha

This session was a core conversation – a room full of peole in higher education talking about topics related to social media. These are a few of the take-away notes.

  • The tendency in social networking is to try everything when new social networks come up – doing one thing really well is better than many things only partially.
    (my thoughts are to have at least a presence in the areas where your audience is, but to focus and prioritze the areas where most people are.)
  • Engage existing groups to participate in official events and they will help to promote your information and be active in your ofiical things.
  • UW Madison has a social media user group made of social media managers across campus (experts and beginners). They hold monthly meetins to talk about what is being done.
  • Penn State started a national chapter of the PRSSA Social Media Club.
  • Your number one goal with social is enagement.
  • Social media style guide base on the media. This guide may be very very diferent from the official university style guide. Social media is much more conversational.
  • Being geninune is very important

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