Jon’s HTPC: The UI

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents

The UI:
remoteThe user interface can be whatever you want it to be. I have a wireless Gyro Mouse and wireless Gyro Keyboard that have a 30-foot range. The mouse is great for the living room because you don’t need a surface to use it. You just pick the mouse up and move it around in the air. It has sensors inside that detect your motion and the mouse moves on the screen like your hand is moving in the air. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it works pretty sweet. The mouse and keyboard are only used for regular windows function. To control the home theatre stuff, the computer has an IR receiver than plugs into the serial port. The Hauppauge PVR’s come with an IR remote that you can use for whatever you want. When I first got the remote I wasn’t a big fan because it’s small and has some toy’ish looking buttons on it. But eventually I grew to like the simplicity of it. Anyone is comfortable using it. On the flip side, I few years back I bought a nice big touch-screen remote and initially liked it, but grew to hate it. I still have it, but the only thing it’s used for is the volume control. The simple little Hauppauge remote handles all other functions. There are several problems I have with the touch-screen remote. First, it requires two hands to use. Second, you don’t get any tactile feedback (on the little remote you can feel the button depress and then come back up). And third, everyone who visited would need a lesson on how to use the darn thing. The little remote is just friendlier. However, this is completely just user preference. Some people love touch-screen remotes. As long as you have an IR receiver for the computer, you can use whatever you want.

Gyro Mouse… (this is the 100ft version, mine is the same, but a 30ft range)

Hauppauge included remote… (I just learned that Hauppauge has a new remote they bundle with their cards. This is a picture of the old style, like mine)

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