Monthly Archives: December 2007

AOL Kills Netscape

After being on life support for many many years, AOL has finally killed the web browser that started them all. AOL is pulling the plug on Netscape. There really hasn’t been much of a flutter from the browser for quite some time, and not it is officially done. AOL will be cutting off support in… Read more »

New Mentos (just in time for the holidays)

I received some new Mentos the other night from a few new Mentos Ambassadors (Ambassador Kilgore and Ambassador Brown). These Mentos came from China, so I’m going to have to guess on some of the flavors (because I don’t speak or read Chinese). One was a double-wrapped roll of lime mint which I have seen… Read more »

Flickr Edit Feature

Flickr (the lovely photo editing site), has just launched a new editing feature. Now, by just clicking the small edit button above a photo, you can make minor adjustments to any of the pictures in your Flickr account. Flickr announced a partnership with Picnik regarding this technology back in October, and have just recently integrated… Read more »

New N’Cream Mentos

Another shipment of Japanese Mentos arrived a few weeks ago from Mentos Ambassador Roth (they’re really working their way up the Mentos Ambassador chain!). The package included four rolls both with “N’Cream” written in the area where you usually see the flavor printed. They don’t really say a fruit on them, but the red one… Read more »