Monthly Archives: October 2006

Another Awesome Mentos Fountain

From the same guys who put together the first “Awesome Mentos Fountain,” comes another one. This one uses a domino effect involving 251 bottles of Diet Coke and 1506 Mentos all tied together to create a really cool fountain chain of fizzy Mentos goodness.

Firefox 2.0 Released

Get it while it’s hot! Firefox 2.0 has just hit the net. They’ve added a nice list of new features. Most notable are the visual refresh (cleaned up the buttons) and the tabbed browsing improvements. My favorite new feature is the new inline spell check, that checks any text you enter into a form for… Read more »

MOO Flickr MiniCards

Moo! isn’t just what a cow says, it’s a nice little printing solution hooked into Flickr. For a limited time, they had an offer for Flickr pro members to receive 10 free MiniCards, which I quickly jumped on. Well, my MiniCards showed up yesterday and they’re kinda neat. They’re about the size of a stick… Read more »

New Mentos Flavors

I recently received a new shipment of Japanese Mentos from newly badged (no I don’t have any badges) Mentos Ambassador Roth. Within this shipment were a few new flavors I’ve never seen before and (as of this writing) never tasted before. Grape, Strawberry and Mint are available in the U.S., though these wrappers are brighter…. Read more »

Google Maps for Palm

Google has had a mobile version of its Google Maps out for a good while now. But for some reason, it wouldn’t work on a Palm device, or more specifically, the Treo 650, which is what I own. Well, today they released a Treo version of their mobile Google Maps, and it works great! I’m… Read more »

Since I’m currently in the process of planning a wedding, I’m constantly looking for for technology that will make that job easier. For instance, we’re using a Wiki (that I loving call our WedWiki) to keep track of wedding information (links to decorations, food, tux/dress, to-do lists, etc). Last month I stumbled across a nice… Read more »

Weird Al Videos

Check out this list of the top 10 Weird Al Yankovic videos of all time. I especially like his latest (#2 on the list) White and Nerdy… not that I can relate or anything. I’m a geek, not a nerd!