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Jon’s HTPC: The “Tivo”

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents The “TIVO” Everybody knows what a TIVO is and what it can do, so what’s the advantages to doing it through your computer? Several. First, a TIVO can only record one, or sometimes two, channels at a time. With a… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: Now For Software

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents Now for Software: As for the core piece of software, I really can’t imagine using anything besides Meedio Essentials. I have to qualify that argument though… if you are a geek and enjoy tweaking things then there is nothing better… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: The UI

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents The UI: The user interface can be whatever you want it to be. I have a wireless Gyro Mouse and wireless Gyro Keyboard that have a 30-foot range. The mouse is great for the living room because you don’t need… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: The Case

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents The Case: I guess I’ll start by talking about the case. I designed and built the case with three things in mind. First was silence, second was unobtrusiveness to the living room, and third was easy accessibility. The second and… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC: Features & Machine Specs

This is Part of Jon’s HTPC setup. For more, see: Introduction and Table of Contents Features: Very high “FF” scores (“FF” is Fiancé Friendly) Silent Unobtrusive to the Living Room 6000+ MP3 Music Library (every single tag is correct, and every MP3 has embedded cover art) AC3 Music Library Photo Collection Ability to record two… Read more »

Jon’s HTPC

My friend Jon (the one that bought me the rare mentos) and I were e-mailing back and fourth about Apple’s new HTPC-like software (Front Row), so I asked him to do a little write-up on his home theatre PC setup. I got to play with it a bit last winter while out there visiting, and… Read more »

Apple’s Aperture (and other new products)

Well, Apple has sure been busy lately! A load of new products released last week, and then another load of new stuff again just yesterday. I guess they’re ramping up their line for the holiday season. There were the little things, bumps in the PowerBook line, and bumps in the G5’s (up to 2 dual-core… Read more »

New Load of Apple Stuff

Apple just relased a big batch of new stuff, including the rumored iPod Video, some new iMacs, and a new version of iTunes. You can find the details for all the new stuff on the Apple site. I did want to comment a bit on what some of these new things mean. It looks like… Read more »

Gmail Adds Auto-save

Gmail just added a really handy feature to their web-based e-mail system. How many times have you been typing a message in Gmail and then had your browser crash, or you accidentally bump the back button, or some other horrible thing happen that made you lose your entire message. Luckily It hasn’t happened a whole… Read more »

VW To Add USB Ports to Cars

This news is a few weeks old, but I still think that it’s pretty cool. Volkswagen is going to start adding USB ports to their cars. We will start with the Golf, Golf Plus and Touran and then next year USB connections will be available for other models. These ports will allow you to play… Read more »

Games Galore

With the next geek LAN gaming party scheduled for later in October, I ran across a nice site with a pretty sizable list of free (yes, I said FREE) Multiplayer games. We might have to try a few of these out. I did notice that the list was lacking a fun multiplayer puzzle game I… Read more »

Google Blog Search

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later… Google has finally launched a blog-specific search engine ( . I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with it, but it seems to work pretty well. Apparently it gets the search information from RSS feeds and the help document points to as… Read more »

Apple Releases Some New iPod Stuff

At a special media event today, Apple rolled out a few new products to their digital music offerings. iPod Nano Probably the most notable of the new products is the iPod Nano. This tiny new flash-based digital music player takes the place of the iPod Mini (no longer being sold). It sports a color screen,… Read more »

Last.FM and Audioscrobbler

A few months back I discovered a neat service that at that time was actually two separate services. Audioscrobbler and Last.FM have since merged into one super-cool tool for finding and listening to new music. The thing that makes this tool different than the million and a half other music sites out there is that… Read more »

Flickr Explore

Flickr recently added a new way to plow thorough the millions of photos on their site. It’s called Flickr Explore, and it’s kind of a dynamic rating system for cool photos that is based on several variables (which they call “interestingness”). There are lots of things that make a photo ‘interesting’ (or not) in the… Read more »